Do Dhage

HHRTC    16-Sep-2023
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The Movement for Shri Ramjanmabhoomi Temple at Ayodhya has seen an Incredible participation by People from All walks of life. Millions of people have been emotionally invested & connected to this Re-establishment of Faith & Devotion, awaiting the unveiling of this Historical Temple. Our Organization, Heritage Handweaving Revival Charitable Trust, Pune has decided to provide another opportunity for people to connect to this Movement by Organising "Do Dhage Shri Ram Ke Liye" (Two Threads for Shri Ram), an Initiative under which approximately 10 to 15 Lakh people will weave on Handlooms in Pune to create Vastras for Shri Ram Lalla Viraajman at Ayodhya. This Festival will be a place where people can Devote the effort of their own hands to Shri Ram, while also reconnecting Citizens to our Culture of Handweaving - Providing a huge platform for National Integration & Unity, as well as Showcasing the glory of Handlooms, Weavers & their incredible Art. Inaugurated on 10th December by Notable Dignitaries, the Festival will welcome ALL people to weave on these Handlooms every day till Geeta Jayanti, 22nd December 2023. This Festival will begin with traditional sanctification, Hom-Havan, in the Presence of Notable Sadhu - Saints. The Ram Janmabhoomi Trust has given its full support to this endeavor, and will be adorning the Idols in the Ayodhya Ram Mandir with the fabric made here.
Along with Weaving, Vyakhyan, Bhajan, Kirtan & Cultural Programs on the subject of Shri Ram by renowned speakers will be organised at the Venue for all 13 days. A Pictorial exhibition showcasing the History of the Ramjanmabhoomi Temple will also be organised. Maha-Arti & Maha-Prasad will be conducted every Morning & Evening.
The very concept of Shri Ram transcends all boundaries of religion & region. Along with this, the core objective of this festival being the revival & reconnecting of people to the Ancient Culture of Handweaving, we plan to bring a Handloom from every State in India. Keeping in Mind the truly Global scale of this event that combines the Sanctity of Shri Ram as well as the widespread Culture of Handloom Weaving, we are inviting the Participation of all the countries & cultures with a Tradition of Handweaving to join our Handlooms at this Venue, to showcase this wealth of tradition & to set an example of international unity among People across Cultures.